Code Beautiful

I just love make up that’s not only good in quality but versatile too!!! I’m hooked with the brand Code Beautiful.  I have a few favourites but I have no doubt that will get bigger the more products I try.
I’m obsessed with their Lid Lift Enhance. It comes in two shades & I’ve used both of the shades in this video. ⁣
👉🏼Shade light hearted: I use this for priming my life, concealer & eyeshadow. ⁣
👉🏼Shade Deep Moment: I use this one for eyeshadow & contouring/bronzer ⁣

On top of this, their mascara is a pretty big deal too.. ⁣
👉🏼Pre-mascara lash plumper: Now that I’m finally being more open about other mascaras, I really like how this preps my lashes prior to the mascara but actually, it also pairs brilliantly with any mascaras ⁣

Finally their Lip Intense Plumper, this is hydrating, contains hyaluronic acid-infused lip plumping treatment!! It’s fab alone or on top of their liner. ⁣
Here’s the full list of  products used in this make up video:
  • 🌟Hair curl/waves styled using Air Wrap by Dyson Air Wrap
If you fancy trying any of the Code Beautiful* products, then don’t miss out on 15% discount, using code OURLITTLELIVES (*affiliated)
Big Love Nic x