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The build up to your new arrival….

IMG_7519Whether its your first, second or third time having a baby, the mixed emotions of doubts, fears and happiness can overwhelm you and sometimes feels like your head just might burst….. Well this is all very normal and you’re no different from anyone else.

Charlie, my beautiful little boy is 5 now and its true what they say, Kids really do change your life but he changed mine for the better. I won’t deny it took me sometime to understand what being a mum truly meant and I have no shame with admitting that but when it clicks (no matter how far or soon that is), life for me was put into perspective and I understood clearly my purpose with being a mum and I felt honoured to have this responsibility.

I’m not one for preaching on how to be a mum or what’s right or wrong, so the only thing I’d like to share with you is just enjoy it for what it is. You simply do what feels right for you.  Don’t get caught up with measuring yourself against other mum’s or being overwhelmed with everyone’s spin on “how to be a mum”, just listen (gracefully I found) and take whatever you want or need from them and remember, your the mummy so keep the faith at all times that you’re doing just great.

The arrival of my little lady is just around the corner, albeit 8 weeks still to go until D-Day but in addition to this I only have 3 weeks left at work and 5 weeks till Charlie breaks up from school for the summer; all of which lead to a new chapter in our little lives, new memories to be made and I simply can’t wait.

So for any other mum’s to be out there, I wish you all the best, there’s highs and lows so be prepared.  Its a precious & personal experience for YOU and time really does pass by quickly (even if it doesn’t feel that way) so enjoy every moment… you’ll be amazing!

Big Love Nicola xx