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Breach Position… Time to turn baby girl!

When I woke up this morning my head was filled with dread & anxiety, the time had come to try and turn my baby girl as she was still in the breach position.  I didn’t know anyone who had been through this, so in case you find yourself in this situation, I hope it helps.

Being 37 weeks pregnant my thought’s were filled with excitement about the immanent arrival of baby girl.  Like any normal mum to be, I’ve had the occasional wobble about giving birth, especially with my first time delivery.  I haemorrhaged and lost blood which resulted in a blood transfusion, nevertheless I still felt blessed he was a healthy baby boy and I was able to have Charlie naturally.

I had to wait until I was 37 weeks before discussing next steps (as she had been breach for 8 weeks plus).  Hearing phrases such as “we can turn your baby, which is know as a ECV”, “if that fails or you decide not to have this, then we will book you in for a c-section/caesarean”, a little panic started to set in.  My main priority was to make sure there was no risk to my baby and if at all possible, to avoid having a c-section.  So I agreed to try and have the baby turned.  I’d heard mixed things about this so decided to limit my research to avoid driving myself crazy.

I decided to pack the hospital bags and have a standby plan for Charlie in case anything happened.  As I went in, I had a warm welcome and reassured by the specialist carrying out the procedure.  With Jay by my side and taking on board the process of how the baby would be turned, I tried to remain optimistic and calm.

Here’s how it went in my eyes: –

  1. For the first 15/20 minutes they monitored the babies heart beat
  2. I had a muscle relaxer at the top of my arm
  3. Once they were happy with the babies heartbeat the specialist took me through things again to reassure me
  4. I took deep breaths in and out and with Jay holding my hand and the nurse by my head knew I was in safe hands
  5. The specialist placed one of his hands above her head and the other below her feet and started to move the baby around
  6. Taking deeper & deeper breaths whilst following their instructions, my little girl was head down in less than 20 seconds.
  7. The finally stage was to monitor the babies heart beat again for a further 20 minutes.

Whilst the turning itself wasn’t great it wasn’t bad either, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it all happened but more so with how nice the staff were and I’d like the thank them for being so amazing.

So what’s next, make sure she’s moving and nothing out of the ordinary is happening, enjoying my last few weeks and hope the little madam stays in place down there because when she’s ready to come out, her Little Family can’t wait to meet her.

Big Love, Nicola xx

Pregnancy writing the word coming soon 2016 on stomach, Happy new year, pregnancy and newborn baby
Pregnancy writing the word coming soon 2016 on stomach, Happy new year, pregnancy and newborn baby