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Its Brow Time…

13530545_1308165135880156_382609200_nWhen it comes to having fabulous eyebrows, I can confidently say “I arrived late to the party”.  I’ve always liked the idea of having great brows but juggling a full time job, mum of 1 (soon to be 2) and general life duties, my needs require something quick & easy.

I’m going to take you through the 4 different products (which feature in my pic) as these are all in my make up bag right now;

Ciaté London Instabrow Brow Gel, Dark 2.2 ml (shade brown) – I brought this a few weeks ago and due to my eyebrows not being thick or bushy (not sure how I feel about the word bushy in a beauty blog lol), I’m not quite ready for this product.  The application is fab, you twist the base of the wand which releases gel into the brush end.  You then work this from end to end to build up & when ready, tame & shape. This was £15.99 from Amazon and its something I’ll be holding onto for when my brows get fuller.

Benefit – Gimme Brow (shade Medium) – Had this for about a year & its lasted me ages plus its really easy to apply.  Its great for every day wear & as my day job requires me to attend meetings & carry out presentations, this works really well for me.  Benefit have just brought out a new range of Brow Products and I’m looking forward to testing some of these out (so watch this space).  At £18.50 from Boots, this is a definite must buy.

Rosie for Autograph (shade brown) – I’ve been using this for a few months now and so far my favourite brow pencil so highly recommend this.  You can make your brows look as delicate or as bold as you want.  The other end also has a brush which helps you tame, shape and define. This is a fab buy and at just £10.00 you can purchase from M&S!

Barry M Cosmetics Brow Kit (shade light/medium) – I’ve tried this out a few times now and the jury is still out.  My initial thought was that of a bargain at just £5.99 from Amazon; but having compared this to Rosie for Autograph & Gimme Brown from Benefit, the finish appears to be less natural.  For the price, I do think you get value for money, it contains tweezers, wax pot that shapes the brow, powder to create a fuller brow and a highlight pot which you apply under the arch, as well as a blending & slanted bush.  I’m not one for giving up, so will keep trying this until I find a look that suits me.

I’d love to hear what your favourite Eyebrow products are (cause lets face it, I don’t need any excuses for a little treat for moi)

Big Love, Nicola xx


  • Cara

    Soap and glory – archery I only use the felt tip end but its fab for drawing in individual hair like strokes to fill in any gaps in the brow. Doesnt last very long but at £10 its a bargain

  • Heather

    Hi Nic,
    Love the blog! Just been having a look round as I have been thinking about doing one myself it’s good to write and be expressive 🙂 great for the soul.
    I’m loving Younique’s Brow Obsession Palette, I was also a little late to the brow party mainly because I have always hated my brows but now I see that as more reason to keep them looking fabulous.
    I find that unlike some other brow products I have tried this looks natural whilst also filling the gaps especially as I have a scar in one eyebrow.
    Yes I will admit I am a Younique presenter BUT this product is amazing and I would invite any brow obsessives to give it a try and I’m not saying buy from me so please don’t think that, that is my intention.