First month of being a mum
I can’t believe I gave birth for the second time 4 weeks ago.  For anyone who has been here before or is about to do it for the first time let me reassure you we… View Full Post View Post

Labour day brought me my baby little girl
After what has felt like a lifetime, this week labour day brought me my little baby girl.  She arrived on Monday 22nd August 2016 at 22.13pm weighing 7lbs 15oz, Grace Ann Little completes Our Little… View Full Post View Post

Summer Holiday Day Trips…
Keeping your kids happy and organising summer holiday day trips can be a tough gig at the best of time, being 39 weeks pregnant & operating at the pace of a snail makes it even… View Full Post View Post

Today’s top purchases from Aldi
I could not resist sharing today’s top purchases from Aldi with you following my weekly food shop. First off, Lemon & Orange sparking drinks from St Helier, I noticed these in Aldi before but following a… View Full Post View Post

Breach Position… Time to turn baby girl!
When I woke up this morning my head was filled with dread & anxiety, the time had come to try and turn my baby girl as she was still in the breach position.  I didn’t… View Full Post View Post