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Fill n Squeeze – perfect for baby weaning & more!

  • Another milestone has crept up from no where for Grace and its time to start weaning her onto foods.  Even though I’ve already done this before (5 years ago) am I however always up for trying anything if it makes life a little easier.  So when my friend recommended the Fill n Squeeze I thought I’d give it a go.  This is a really great tool not only for weaning but I can see this coming in really useful for the next few years too!

So what’s it all about you ask… its a device that helps you package food you’ve made yourself in reusable pouches.  For me personally its a user friendly gadget, plus I’ll be saving money (compared to buying supermarket pre made products) and the best bit I’m preparing and storing my own home made produce.

I ordered the baby weaning pouch system at just £19.99 which contained: –

  • Contains pouch filler jug
  • Plunger (which doubles up as a masher)
  • Jug closure cap
  • 5 x 150ml squeezee reusable pouches

In addition to this I also brought: –

The pouches can be stored in the freezer which is great when your bulk cooking and these will be ideal for day trips or in the hot weather for puree fruit (slushy ice pops)!

I thought this was a fab little find and I do like to share the love when something fabulous comes along.  So for anyone out there who is about to start weaning or even looking at ways to store home made food this is perfect, check it out!

Big Love, Nicola xx