Here’s how to make that sun tan last longer!

You might think I’ve completely lost the plot doing a blog about sun tan lotions this time of the year but fear not people there’s no harm in getting yourself stocked up with the products that will help you achieve a long lasting tan.

For my wedding in October this year, I was adamant to achieve a healthy bronze glow which would see me through at least some of these winter days.  I decided to go to the Queen of Skincare advice and visited Caroline Hirons YouTube Channel to see if she had any hints & tips (for the record unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ll agree this women is the Oracle of skincare and fabulous too).  Anyway, to my excitement she had just released a video about SPF & Holiday Skincare

To give some context around this, my previous approach to sun care was to simply grab the usual high street brands like Nivea, Garnier or Riemann P20 (this is the one where you apply just once a day however it didn’t work for me, having sensitive skin I felt unprotected & burnt at times), its not to say these don’t work for other people I know they do but for me having large pigmentation patches on my face which is down to sun damage, the condition of my skin in the midst of my late 30’s is really important to me so eager to avoid making this any worse.

Right, so what useful tips did I take away? First up, I purchased a separate face cream to that of my body and I opted for the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for Face (UVB 30) its a 75ml bottle and even though I was the only one using it on holiday a little really does go a long way plus is has that classic Clarins aroma to it which I love. This will certainly see me through a few trips which at £21 a tub is great value for money.

Second up, I went for the Lancaster Velvet Milk SP30 , I was looking for a gradual tan as well as protection to avoid any burning or damage.  On previous holidays in the sun my skin has been prone to getting prickly heat so it was nice to have a break from this; now whether this was down to the lotion or not I believe this collection as a whole has improved my skin and tan.

Finally, for that after sun lotion that will do its job well and lock in your tan I chose the Lancaster Tan Maximizer . This wasn’t the first time I’d heard about this product but its always reassuring hearing it from someone who’s reliable so it was a no brainer to purchase this.  I went for the 400ml as I know this is something I would use all year round (weather dependant), this gem was the “piece de resistance” to my sun lotion collection and I saw a massive difference with my tan and the length of time it lasted.

So whether your next sun holiday is booked or your still deciding on where to tan yourself then I do hope this has at least made things a little easier when it comes to packing your sun tan lotions.

Big Love, Nicola xx