Labour day brought me my baby little girl

After what has felt like a lifetime, this week labour day brought me my little baby girl.  She arrived on Monday 22nd August 2016 at 22.13pm weighing 7lbs 15oz, Grace Ann Little completes Our Little Lives perfectly.  Here’s what happened…

Way back in early December last year I was so happy to find out that Jay & I would be parents again but also for Charlie, knowing he would take up the role of big brother with great pride, our little family would soon become the awesome foursome little family.  For those who read my blogs “Baby No2 not long now” , “breach position.. time to turn baby girl”“Life so far on maternity leave” the build up to labour day for anyone is a journey all of its own.

My due date was Tuesday 16th August & what with me being overdue with Charlie my fears of history repeating themselves became a reality when D-Day passed me by with no sign of baby arriving anytime soon.  Following a scan at the hospital a few days after, they decided to bring my inducement date forward a week so my sights were firmly set on Sunday 21st August at 3pm. We arrived right on time and my emotions were that of excitement as it was just a matter of time before our baby girl arrived.  I had no preconceptions about being induced or what it entailed as I was adamant to take it all in my stride. It was a relief when the hospital wasted no time and within the hour they had already starting things going.  We predicted a slow start and we weren’t disappointed as it would be the following morning at 6am before my contractions were consistent and strong, I would then have to wait a further 10 hours before I was moved over to the labour ward and as I was wheeled into the room where I would deliver my baby, as I looked around seeing all the equipment surrounded me my excitement turned emotional.  By this point I was 3-4cm dialated and the decision was made at 5pm to break my waters where my contractions intensified so much so I requested some gas and air.  I remember asking for the TV to be on thinking of course this will take my mind off the torcher that is consuming me below but after Homes in the Sun & Come Dine with Me, my body was ready to take things to the next level.

I decided to opt for the Diamporhine at 7.25pm, after a day of contractions and lack of sleep I felt my body and mind giving in and quickly needed something to help me push through and cope with the pain factor.  By 8pm it was time to change midwife and whilst the one who had taken me up to that point was absolutely lovely, we instantly clicked with Jayne who took over, I could tell she was the right lady to get me through this.  The doctors decided to examine me at 8.50pm, it was a relief to hear I was 6-7cm as surely the finish line was close now.  I’d been on the gas and air for some time now and my mouth was becoming unbearable and dry, Jayne suggested milk and brought me a jug of it, the only way I can describe to you how good this milk tasted was just imagine yourself on a hot summers day and you’ve just finished work and go to a beer garden where you order your first drink, regardless of whether its a beer, cider or a glass of bubbles that satisfying, tingly sensation that hits you was exactly how that glass of milk made me feel #unbelievableJeff.  At 9.50pm they told me it was time to push as baby was ready, aside from the pain and attempting to push what feels like a watermelon out of a tiny whole, the stinging sensation is excruciating and thankfully it only took 23 minutes for it to be over, at 10.13pm our beautiful baby girl was brought into this world.










Unlike my delivery with Charlie (I past out due to haemorrhaging when delivering the placenta and lost a lot of blood), I was able to have skin to skin and really enjoyed & appreciated the precious moments after giving birth.  The following few hours after will be some of my happiness memories and even though I had suffered second degree tears, I was not phased by this and allowed her to do what needed to be done whilst I continued to be high on love holding my beautiful girl with Jay by my side. After an hour or so and still in the delivery room I was able to get a quick shower and our wonderful midwife Jayne kindly brought us tea & toast, it was heavenly for both of us as we were exhausted & hungry and it was the boost we needed, I was then wheeled around to the maternity ward where we would try and rest until morning time. I was consumed with joy, happiness, relief and yes the odd bit of pain so resting my eyes was going to be an impossible task but I did not mind as she had arrived safe & sound, healthy & perfect. We were discharged the next day and on our way home by 4pm where our new chapter would start.

I’d like to thank Leighton Hospital and all the staff on the Induction Suite, Labour Ward & Maternity Unit and a special thanks to Jayne our midwife for delivering our daughter.  You all completed a wonderful experience of how our beautiful amazing Grace was brought into this world.

Big Love Nicola x


  1. Liz O'Hara August 27, 2016 / 12:03 pm

    I was with you all the way!! So glad I didn’t feel the pain and torture!!!

    A wonderful journey that ends with the beautiful Grace joining her mummy, daddy and big brother.

    Happy Days!!

    Love Great Aunt Elizabeth Ann xxxxxx

    • Little80 August 27, 2016 / 1:04 pm

      It certainly was an amazing journey, I’ll never forget how special it was. We are all looking forward to your visiting, lots of cuddles with Grace Ann with her Great Aunty Elizabeth Ann xxx

  2. Yvonne Little August 27, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    A truly moving blog Nicola and a lovely read, with such a special addition to the Little family. Grace Ann is beautiful and Charlie will be a wonderful big brother to her. Lots of love to you all.

    Yvonne & Charlie xx

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