Make Up

Make Up Organiser… like Kim Kardashian!

Having brought some fabulous make up over the last 12 months, I was getting frustrated with it scattered all over the show and storing it in several make up bags, I really wanted a make up organiser and found this little gem.  I’d seen Kim Kardashian with something similar to this although hers would’ve been much more expensive it did not matter it still does the same job.

I spent a few days looking for the right one making sure the size and measurements were right, everything fit in as well as a fair price.

Check out my before and after so you can see just how much I managed to fit in!










I now have everything in one place so I can stop buying products I already have and can easily use all of my amazing products and try out different looks.  If you want to get your make up organised then click on the Amazon link below.

Happy organising

Big love, Nicola x