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My Top 10 favourite must have make up products….

I’m obsessed with reading top 10 anything, weather its make up, places to eat or baby gadgets, I love learning about other people’s loves & recommendations as well as watching endless amount of you tube videos and browsing Pinterest.  I’ve discovered some fanastic finds to add to my collection of make up as well giving me the confidence to try some new looks.  You can pick up some great hints & tips this way.  So with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites (old & new) products! Here’s my Top 10 Fav’s: –

No 1  – Foundation


Mac Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation (shade/NW18); I literally only brought this last weekend but I’m already in love with it! It suits my skin tone perfectly and it feels like a light weight liquid foundation. Its got great coverage and best of all its last all day.  Again, perfect to compliment a simple day time look for work but also work great when applying layers of products for that glitzy glam feel at night.

No 2 – Eyeliner








Rosie for Autograph Liquid Eyeliner (shade/black); I’ve tried a variety of eyeliners and I have to say this one is my fav.  I love the tip of this and how easy it is to apply whatever type of look you want.  If its a day in the office, I keep this real simple and do a thin line across the top of my lid with a very small flick at the side or if I’m painting the town red (but given my current state the most enjoyment I’m getting is going to nice restaurants or a mocktail or two), then you can go all out and have that full on wing effect look.  Either way its simple and easy to apply.

No 3 – Eye shadow







Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever; Its probably my favourite palette of eye shadow colours & the beauty with this, you can make these colours work for a day & night time look.  I’ve used this on both brown & blonde colour hair, so its got a real universal look to it.

No 3 – Concealer







Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (shade/light) & L.A. Pro conceal (shade/natural); Both of these products do the same job and I just couldn’t choose so I’ve decided to put them both in.  I use this under my eyes, on my eyelids (keeps your eye shadow on for longer) and at the top of my brow/forehead (brilliant for when contouring too). Applying it is easy and blends perfectly to your skin (I like to use a mini sponge to do this, but your finger works just as well if your in a rush).  I brought both of these products from Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Light 6.8ml & LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer Natural

No 4 – Contour







NYX Wonder Stick (shade/medium); Since my last blog about contouring I’ve become obsessed with watching videos, this came up time & time again.  The thing I like the most with this is it’s really easy to apply and better still its cheap as chips. I use a blender brush for this or a cosmetic sponge will suffice. I brought mine from Amazon as I was doing an order at the time and it worked out cheaper for me, NYX Wonder Stick – Medium, however you can also buy this from boots

No 5 – Blender Brush







Tarte Slenderizer Brush; Similar to the NYX wonder stick, I cam across this whilst watching step by step guides on contouring, this brush is amazing for blender and applying blusher/bronzer.  I use circular motions to blend the two tone colours. I searched a few places for this and found the cheapest place to order was on ebay

No 6 – Eyebrow Pen







Rosie for Autograph – Eyebrow Pen (shade/brown); This was a recent purchase but I’m already using this daily. Love how it has a brush at one end and the colour application at the other.  When applying this I find its really easy to control so you can go all out heavy eyebrow or just a simple and light shade.  After using several eyebrow kits, this has now gone to the top of the pile for my brows.

No 7 – Highlighter







The Balm Mary Lou Manizer; I love this highlighter powder, I’ve used liquid ones previously but feel like this has a glam feel to it. Works perfectly if you want to showcase the top of your cheek bones as well as the lower part of your forehead and your bow (above your lip).  I looked at lots of places for this and the average price was about £17, however, I found a bargain on ebay for only £8.75 (Free P&P), came in a few days so over the moon with this find and purchase.

No 8- Blusher







Benefit Dallas Blusher & Bronzer & Mac Cream Blusher (shade/Posey);  I love the rosey look effect on my cheeks, so its no surprise why the Benefit blusher has been a long standing favourite of mine and I can’t see this being removed from my make up bag anytime soon.  It’s versatile as it can be used for a natural look and quite often when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to apply make up, I simply use this all over my face and I feel that it gives me enough of a lift so that I don’t look like a walking zombie. I’ve always picked this up from Boots, not only to make good use of my advantage points but its the cheapest place to purchase for this item  I wanted to also mention this new product I brought from Mac, its a cream application that dissolved onto your skin like a powder feel, if you’re looking for a warming and healthy glow.

No 9 – Mascara







Benefit Rollerlash Mascara (shade/black); Like with most Benefits products I own, I’ve tried and tested them from their product launch, so if there still around then they are a keeper in my eyes.  I love this one, I think I’m on my third or fourth purchase of this so shows how much I value it.  The wand itself is a great applicator and I feel that it applied the colour evenly onto your lashes.  Its a great day to day mascara and if you want to plump them up further, then I just add another one on top (I use they’re real by benefit).  Again, I purchase from boots for advantage points and any other offers they have on at the time.

No 10 – Lip Gloss







Rosie for Autograph – Lipgloss (shade/My Best Girlfriend); I am really loving the Rosie for Autograph make up collection, I’ve managed to get my hands on a number of items now and as you can see, a few of them have appeared in my Top 10 already.  This fabulous lip gloss is non stick and applies smoothly, I feel that it actually hydrates my lips unlike others.  This was my favourite colour and works well for day and night.  Its not bold and doesn’t last forever so re-applying is required but I’m happy to do so as I love the rose gold packaging.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Top 10… If there’s anything you’d like to find out more about then, just drop me a line and watch this space for your update!

Big Love Nicola xx




  • Vicki

    Oooh love having a friend into make up & doing all the research for me ?
    Top tips for people & great for ideas when people ask you what you’d like for a gift & can’t think of anything off hand. Can now point them to this list!! X Thanks Nic ??v

  • Nicola

    Love the tips and advice whilst topping up my make-up bag. Inspired ?? adding items from your top 10!! ?

  • Kas

    Not sure what I’m looking forward to the most about my weekend away with Nic and the girls…..going out OR the getting ready to go out lol! I will be purchasing No.1 & No.2 xx

  • Lindsay

    After using the same products and doing the same boring makeup routine for years, you are inspiring me to try new things. Loving the products in your top 10 will be adding to my makeup bag with a few of these.
    Looking forward to reading your next blog xxx

  • Lady D

    Love this blog and think it may cost me a fortune lol
    I need a new eyeliner so will definitely be trying Rosie’s.
    I’ve recently been using a Bare Minerals mascara but think I may go back to Benefit.
    Would love to see at Top 10 on fake tans ?
    Emma x

  • Sharlene

    Great blog, love the look of the wonder stick, will defiantly be adding that to my wish list.

  • Yvonne Little

    Thanks for the info Nicola. Must have a look at the Autograph Rosie range. Have a good week xx