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Life so far on maternity leave…

Leaving full time work was a little scary as I love my job and what I do, plus I’m surrounded by some truly amazing people in my team, so saying goodbye to them and the company felt strange initially.  I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind that in the 9 months of me being away, will they all forgot about me, will they decide they can do it without me but I remembered there’s one thing that none of us can control and that’s our future, so focusing on what’s important right now, I’m happy to let destiny take its course.

To summarise my maternity leave so far….

Surprise Baby Shower Party at the Yew Tree Pub – I felt so luck to be surrounded by old & new friends incl. family as I didn’t expect it second time round.  There were fun games, beautiful presents and yummy food.  My brilliant and very creative best friend (who co planned the party) made this family tree, all of my guests pressed their inked finger onto the tree which I think looks stunning.










Mottram Hall Spa – #ifcarlsbergmademondays, I kicked started day 1 by having a relaxing day at the spa with the bridesmaid crew, comfy fluffy robes with slippers, afternoon tea and a body treatment what more can  girl ask for.

Cheshire Oakes – with only 4 weeks to go till D-day, I spent my time shopping for my little lady – glad I did as I’m not feeling as prepared as I can for her

Fun time with Friends & kids – I love nothing more than spending time with my friends where all our kids come together and play and my weekend was jam packed of this.

Madison Spa – thanks to a lovely voucher at my baby shower party, I was able to book in for a “mums to be” treatment and I have to say, even though I’m 36 weeks, this made me feel like brand new – highly recommend this to anyone who is in the final stretch of their pregnancy.

So starting the second week of my maternity leave I wonder what I was worrying about, life really is amazing! I have the head space and time to look forward to everything that lies ahead of me, the summer holidays with Charlie, giving birth to my baby girl and so much more whilst remembering, life is what you make of it #onechanceatthislife

Big love, Nicola x


  • Emma dechoux

    Love this blog and love how my tree has made an appearance ?
    Start as you mean to go on I say and if you’re feeling relaxed and amazing then your little lady will be too xx can’t wait to meet her now ?

  • Little80

    Thanks Emma. I received a number of responses on my personal page about the tree so thought others might like it too. It looks lovely in her room, ready for her arrival xx