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Treat your cheeks to the Benefit Blusher & Tint range

Everyone loves at least one part of their body and mine has to be my cheek bones (I have my wonderful mother to thank for that), so its only right I treat them to some fabulous products.  I do this my using the Benefit Blusher & Tint range.  I’ve been a huge fan of this range for some time now, yes I have my favourites of course but as a whole their unique colours serve a purpose for all occasions.








Whenever Benefit release a new from these ranges, I’ve been quick to the shops to collect & try out.  As you can from my pic, I’ve pretty much covered most of the collection with a few items still to test out.  I’ll be taking you through each product and how I get the best use out of them.

The Blushers

  • Hervana – There are four shades-lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose & berry delight-blend to give a pinky effect.  Probably the colour I use the least but glad I have it in stock when I’m looking for a girly flush effect
  • Hoola – This is a perfect bronzer for me and has a pure matte finish which is one of the reasons why I like it and works all year round.  I’m close to finishing my current box and will be re-stocking up again.  I use my Nars brush to apply this to emphasise the low part of my cheeks (similar to that contour effect) as well as applying it to my forehead towards the hair line, to give further shade.
  • Dallas – My favourite and must have blusher.  I even buy two at a time to make sure I never run out.  I use this every single day as an all over blusher/bronzer.  Whether i’m going all out and hitting the town, going work or popping the shops, this colour is great for all skin tones and is a must have product in any make up bag.
  • Rockateur – Another great one to have in your collection, again, I really like using this on regular basis. Its rose-gold colour gives you a fantastic flush and finish to your make up. Love using my new Real Techniques blusher brush 300 for a direct application to cheeks (you can get these from Boots or Amazon– I got mine from Amazon as this turned out to be slightly cheaper)










The Tints

  • Cha Cha – Like the Dallas blusher, this is my favourite tint and I’m never without.  Initially the bottle and liquid looks bright and to quote Benefit “a mango-tinted stain” however, don’t be alarmed or put off, this gives a fantastic tropical coral look and i’m completely in love with it.  Personally with all tints, I put on my blusher first then three small strokes of tint over the top and blend with my finger.  Love Love love!
  • Lolli Tint – The tint itself looks a purple/orchid shade but when applied on has a candy sweet effect to it.  Great product to use when wanting to mix your look up.
  • Posie Tint – Like above, brill for changing up your image.  This poppy pink colour goes really well with the Harvana Blusher, I also have the Lip Balm in this shade too, fab!
  • Bene Tint – Its one of their original tints and I’ve had this for years.  Unfortunately its gone to the back of the queue now as Benefit have done such a good job brigning out so many amazing products.  This one is great for staining your lips for a long lasting effect.
  • Sun Beam – This is a golden bronze highlighter that gives you a natural and sun kiss glow.  Perfect for when you have a tan or trying to achieve one and works in partnership with Hoola.  I dot & blend once I’ve applied my makeup and focus on the cheeks & brow bones.
  • Shy Beam – This is the dandelion liquid highlighter and its fabulous.  Its soft-matte, nude pink colour really does produce a natural-looking effect.  Quickly becoming one of my fav’s so would definitely recommend this.










Big Love Nicola xx