Be kind to your face & SPF it!

I once that applying SPF to your face was just for those sunny days, how wrong was I and even though i’m approaching the forties, its never to late to start. So be kind to your face & SPF it!

I’m currently using the Sarah Chapman Insurance Skin SPF 30 but I was looking for something a little stronger. Thanks to the super talented Eilidh @addicted_to_face I picked up this SPF 50 from Heliocare from Amazon.

The sun has definitely been showing its happy face and I’m hoping for more of this. I already have some pigmentation on my face and I want to grow old gracefully, so anything I can do to help with that, I’m all in.

The Heliocare SPF 50 is ideal for all skin types, its a gel formula that not only works as a sunscreen but a moisturisers too, giving double hydration. Its oil free and with a shimmer effect and and even protects your skin on cloudy days. This little beaut is only £17.20.

Big Love, Nic x