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Yoga has improved my life and my struggle with anxiety!

A few years ago I shared a personal part of my life, my struggle with anxiety. Its been a difficult journey and one that I continue to work on each day.

Last year I had another bad episode, where I was once again broken, mentally and physically. I felt venerable, scared, isolated and lost.

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic support function around me. However, when faced in these difficult times, for me it feels like no one can help.

During this difficult period, I wanted to seek ways in which my recovery would became more permanent, as I knew this would lead to my emotions feeling more consistent. I’d researched various options, however whatever I decided to do, it had to fit in my life with ease and without feeling like a chore.

My top choice (and now my wisest) was yoga. Lots of people had recommended this and I’d read endless articles about how Yoga could help. There was a lot of buzz about the Ministry of Yoga in Crewe so I decided to try one of their classes, open minded and in hope that this would be the start of something great.

I initially started with a few classes a week. I had made a commitment to myself that I needed to go every week, for at least a couple of months. This then lead to me enrolling on a 6 week course which was specifically for Stress & Anxiety.

The timing was perfect and I’d told myself this was my little guardian angel helping me out once again.

What did the course & yoga do for me?

  • Allowed me to relax like I had never done before
  • Tune into any tension that was within my body
  • Tap into the thoughts I was having before and after
  • Breathing techniques (which have literally changed my life)
  • Ability to recognise my trigger points
  • Understanding & acceptance that I’m not alone
  • Met some kind & lovely people along the way
  • Reflected on life, priorities & well-being
  • and continued to be kinder to myself because we are not super heroes

These amazing outcomes have all had positive effects on my life.

This was validated even more, when I was able to put these skills to use over the Christmas period. I had become overwhelmed, on edge and anxious and I knew the demons were creeping in. The good news was that I acknowledged it and acted on it.

I took myself off to my bedroom. Asked my husband for just 30 minutes alone, as always he was super supportive and gave me the space. I started with some breathing techniques, played some calming music (my favourite so far is “Celebrity Yoga – Spiritual Healing Song”) and finished off with a couple of yoga postures, and before I knew it the darkness and panic was passing.


For me this was not only been powerful but also empowering. I’ve been able to put the skills and techniques Ministry have shown me, but I’ve also applied this to real life situations. I’ve learnt a lot over the past 5 months and I’ve only just scratched the surface. I can’t wait to keep working on my yoga techniques, as well as myself, well-being and mindfulness.

I try and attend a class each week but where that’s not possible, I don’t punish myself but I just try and get 15-30 minutes at home, alone and do what I can from there. Just remember it took me less than 30 minutes to re-balance and re-focus which previously spun me out for days. I’m not saying this will happen every time but even if it helps every so often, I’d take that any day.

If you’re like me and get anxious, or you simply get bogged down with a busy life, just remember taking a little time out for yourself can go a long way.

What difference could you make to your life if you invested a little bit of time back in yourself?

I share these thoughts with you because yet again I understand the importance of keeping the conversation going when it comes to mental health. I hope this reassures anyone who struggles because you are not alone and more importantly you are not going mad, you are just human.

This has really worked for me and my journey, I hope you find yours too.

Local to Crewe & Nantwich?

There are lots of Yoga classes up and down the country. Anyone who is in Crewe & Nantwich, I’ve really enjoyed going to Ministry of Yoga.

They’ve got an “Intro Offer”, where you only pay £30 and this allows you to attend as many classes as you like, over 30 days. I’m now 5 months in and the offers continue. 5 classes for £35 (valid for 60 days) or the one I like, 10 classes for £60 (valid for 90 days).

I’ll leave you by saying “Namaste” like we do at the end of Yoga.

Big Love, Nic x