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Beauty Pie – I’m Hooked!

I’ve been wanting to try Beauty Pie for a while now and for some reason (unknown to me know) I never went through with it.  Maybe it was my lack of understanding on how it works or that I was a little bit of a brand snob.  Thankfully that all changed when Hannah Martin posted on Instagram about it.  Now, not only do I absolutely love her Instagram page, stories & videos, she is so relatable and seems such a genuine & lovely person plus she’s super talented, so it was a no brainer when she broke it all down. 

How does it work? First of all you chose a monthly package and this coverts into a monthly allowance.  You then select the products you want to order but you only end up paying Beauty Pie’s costs, not the “typical” full price.

Knowing how much I spend each month on beauty products anyway, I decided to go for the Silver Pie Monthly package which is £20 a month, this converted to a spending limit of £200 a month, there was a £50 boost for joining plus when I did this transaction, thanks to Hannah Martin’s offer code, I also received an additional £50. So all in all my first month, I was able to order items up to a spending limit of £300!! Here’s a run down of the products I purchased: –

SUPER HEALTHY SKIN™ ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING CREAM, typical price is £100 but I only paid £11.24

WONDERCOLOUR LONGWEAR CREAM SHADOW STICK, both typical price are £20 but I only paid £6.84 & £3.77

Longwear Shadow Cream Sticks

FRUITIZYME™ FIVE MINUTE FACIAL, typical price is £60 but I only paid £8.64

Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial

DOUBLE-PHASE DAILY DEEP RINSE-OFF FACIAL CLEANSER, typical price £25 but I only paid £6.24

Double Phase Cleanser

ÜBER CURL DRAMA MASCARA, typical price £20 but I only paid £3.83

Uber Cute Drama Mascara

SHINE UP™ LIP COLOUR BALM STICK, typical price £16 but I only paid £3.54

Lip Colour Balm

In total I ordered a spend of £286 (just under the £300 limit I had) but only paid their members price of £64.10!!!  The good thing with Beauty Pie is these products are sourced from manufactories similar to other luxury brands. 

Thoughts so far? Well there are already some firm favorites which is awesome.  Stand out’s so far are the Anti Aging Cream and the Five Minute Facial.  If you want to know more about this visit Beauty Pie or check out Sali Hughes post where she has a £50 boost to your first order. 

I’m so excited about my next order next month, watch this space for my next recommendations from Beauty Pie.

Big Love, Nic x

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