Make Up

Simply Stunning Make Up from Charlotte Tilbury

“Once you pop you really can’t stop” this classic Pringle slogan is exactly how I feel about Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty collection.  After admiring this range for some time now, my wonderful friend was kind enough to buy me the Luxury Eyeshadow Palette – The Uptown Girl which ignited my desire to have a fabulous collection of my own.

Over the past few months I’ve been fascinated with all things to do with this inspiring lady.  Her product range is truly stunning not only because each product is gorgeously wrapped in my favourite colour, Rose Gold but I am also gripped by the passion and enthusiasm she exudes in her blogs & videos.  I am completely brought into her ethos of wanting to make every women the most beautiful version of themselves and why the hell not I say!

A few weeks back I treated myself to the Quick ‘n’ easy – Natural Glowing Look; This is aimed to give you an effortless daytime look in just 5 minutes and only £55.00.

This Contains:


  • FACE: Mini Wonderglow, 15ml
  • EYES: Mini Legendary Lashes Mascara & Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze
  • LIP: Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria
  • CHEEK: Beach Stick in Moon Beach

I’m already hooked on the Wonderglow which if applied before your foundation it gives your skin a bright & radiant effect so I will definitely be buying this in full size.  I’m also loving the mascara as I’m yet to find one that comes close to the roller lashes from benefit but this is definitely a contender giving you a false lash effect. The Colour Chemeleon Amber Haze is really easy to apply on your eye lids by using just your finger tips to blend making this super fast.  Although this colour is supposed to be for brown eyes, I still like it & I’m already looking forward to my next CT shopping spree where I’ll be trying Champagne DiamondsBlack Diamonds shades which compliment blue eyes.


My most recent purchase is the Uptown Girl Lip Kit Set , this arrived with a number of free samples one of which was the Scent of a Dream perfume, it smells divine so requested a bottle of this from Jay for Valentines Day.  Now back to the Lip Kit, I unknowingly put this set to the test when I applied my make up and lip gloss but then remembered I needed to brush my teeth, this product was so good it was still bright and glossy after I’d finished – winner! This kit was just £49 and whilst you may think this sounds a lot I think this is great value considering you get a lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss.  Individually you would spend the same amount for brands such as Mac, Benefit & many more.

You can probably tell I’m hooked on this range already and there’s so much more I want to try – all in good time Nicola (Rome wasn’t built in a day)…. Let me know your CT loves and why!

Big Love, Nicola xx